There has been a lot of discussion in the roofing community about the best possible roofing material for properties that are based in Iowa. Throughout the 49 (almost 50) years being in this industry, the team here at A Plus Roofing and Gutters have tested it all: metal, wooden shingles, asphalt shingles, slate, and even rubber material. Because of this, we are confident that we have got the answer that will finally stop all of the discussions. You know, in order to figure out what is the best roofing material for your house, it really depends on a few factors that we must consider before giving you a recommendation or a solid answer. See, when people ask for the best roofing material, they can have multiple things in mind. Such as:

  •         The most cost-efficient roofing material for my new roof
  •         The sturdiest material that will last the longest
  •         The best-looking roofing material that will suit my house


When someone says “the best”, they might mean any of the 3 things listed above. Therefore, to suit all your needs, we are going to address all 3 criteria that will help you choose the right roofing material for your home here in Cedar Rapids or in any Iowa city in general. Let’s get started.


how metal roofing material looks like


What Is The Best Roofing Material For a Cost-effective Price?

If you want to choose a good roofing material that would not leave a hole in your pocket, we would strongly recommend using asphalt shingles. Why? Because they are the most cost-efficient option that offers great durability and a vast range of design choices. Asphalt shingles are cheap because it doesn’t take too much investment to manufacture them and they also can last up to 30 years!

Now, keep in mind, that there are 2 types of asphalt shingles out there in the market:

  1.   Fiberglass asphalt shingles – they’re covered with fiberglass that helps to reflect heat
  2.   Organic asphalt shingles – sturdier, made out of recycled paper and asphalt granules

The most important thing that you must keep in mind is that this type of roofing material offers good protection from heat and fire, they look decent and they are fairly cheap compared to other types of roofing material.


how to choose the best looking material for your roof


Now, let’s talk about the disadvantages of this material:

Although this material is not expensive, it is not the best investment you can make for the long-term compared to other material such as steel, metal or slate. Moreover, if you live in a sunny area such as Cedar Rapids, constant heat and moisture will increase the chances of your shingles being cracked. Finally, it is harder to replace asphalt shingles after they’ve been damaged. To conclude, asphalt roofing material is inexpensive, but it’s not the #1 material we recommend for the long-term.


Tell Me About The Sturdiest Roofing Material For My House In Iowa

Slate. By far the best long-term solution for a roof. Although it is not cheap to install a slate roof, slate can last a lifetime if the installation stage was done correctly. According to our research and 50 years worth of experience, slate roofs can last for over 100 years. This is the best roofing material we recommend because if you have a property that you will own for a lifetime, it makes sense to take care of your roof for as long as the property stays up.



Now, the cost for a slate roof can vary and the price depends on what type of slate material you will decide to use. It can easily range from $12 per square foot or even up to $80 per square foot. The good news is that once you get this done, you’ll probably never have to worry about your roof again.


An image of an asphalt shingle roof

What Is The Best Roofing Material In Terms of Style?

This is a tricky question to answer because the most stylish roofing material you choose will strictly depend on your home’s exterior e.g. siding, flashing, windows, gutters, etc. Since it is impossible for us to see what each of our reader’s property looks like and give you a great answer, we will give you the most popular and best-looking options we have seen by far. If you want customized advice on what type of roofing material will look the best for you, go to our served areas page or click here to visit our Cedar Rapids page and well as ask for an estimate.

During the past 49 years, the best and most flexible option in terms of style and durability is definitely metal. Metal has a huge variety of color options and it looks amazing on most properties. In terms of color, we recommend choosing either black, grey or brown – the classic colors that never get out of fashion.

Don’t forget to check out the other articles we’ve written on similar topics, such as how to know if your shingle roof needs to be replaced and if you’d like to find out more about our work, check out our roofing services page to see our work examples.


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