Although flat roofs are not as popular compared to pitched roofs, they are slowly but surely getting back into the mainstream market for various reasons. That being said, most homeowners think that flat roofs have very few options and that their choices as far as design and material go, are limited. That could not be further from the truth as there are a big plethora of options regarding how you want your flat roof to look like and the type of material you should choose. This article is strictly dedicated to informing our loyal readers on the most popular material and design options you have for your next flat roof.

The biggest misconception about flat roofs is that they are 100% horizontal. Well, the truth is that every single flat roof, if installed correctly, has a slight angle to it. This must be done in order to avoid water accumulation in the center of the roof and to allow rainwater to easy remove itself from the roof itself. Flat roofs are sometimes preferred due to their cost-effective nature as it doesn’t take a huge investment to get them installed. Moreover, in contrast to pitched roofs, flat surfaces absorb heat better, which makes it more eco-friendly to have a flat roof for the long-term. In addition, the entire installation process takes way less labor and replacement work can be started and completed the very same day. As far as material options go, you have quite a few. Let’s talk about them.



Tile Material For Flat Roofing

If you are looking to get a flat roof for a commercial property such as a locally based business, it might make sense for you to choose tile as your material of choice. See, tile roofs are extremely sturdy and resistant to heat, which makes the roof easy to walk on. This means that if a balcony or a roof garden is installed, you will not find any issues with accomplishing these constructions. However, the team at advises you to choose tile material that is mixed with either concrete or cement in order to reinforce the material if you are going to use it as flooring.


a newly installed flat roof


Plastic Flat Roofing Material That Is Reinforced With Glass

Although not cheap, this type of material is almost perfect for flat roofing. Due to its incredible sturdiness and hardness, it is perfect for residential or commercial properties. It’s only limit is that the color variety for plastic glass is not as broad compared to tile or single ply. The most common color you will find for this type of material will either be grey or black – classic colors.



Eco-Friendly Flat Roofs

We have thought long and hard about this one, but it seems like this material and approach to flat roofing has gained a substantial amount of popularity according to our team’s research. Basically, green roofing is a garden on your roof and it is perfect for flat roofing. It is simply organic material (dirt mixed with grass) that is poured onto your roof, to grow grass, which naturally absorbs all the light from the sun, creating an insulated flat roof that is cost-efficient and extremely eco-friendly. The only caveat is that having a “garden” instead of your roof requires weekly maintenance and it is heavier due to all of the moisture that will be collected by the soil and the grass.

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