The roof is a crucial part of your house. It provides protection against heat, cold and is by far the most important element of your property. Even a tiny emergency leak can give big headaches and lead to serious damage to the inside components and goods, in case of a storm so it is very crucial to take good care of it. This is why, you always have to act promptly and take proper steps immediately, in order to avoid further exposure and damage in case of an emergency roof leak. Here are some tips of what to do and how to act when a scenario like this happens.



Protect the interior goods

First things first, do not panic and think logically. If there is a serious roof leak that is flooding the entire interior portion of your house, you must think of a solution to temporarily fix the situation. Here is what we advise you to do. The simplest and most straightforward way to deal with incoming water is to use buckets to collect moisture. After you are confident that you’re able to contain the water with bucket or any kind of other items that soak up the moisture, go to Google and find roofing contractors that are working 24/7 (if you’re having this emergency on the weekend or at night) or if you are lucky enough to have a roof leak during work hours on a workday, call any local roofer that is near you to receive immediate help.





Mitigating The Water Damage

Strive to remove the water immediately after it found its way through inside your home. The leaks can appear in more places other than the shingle part of your roof, so make sure you have done your best to find all the holes in your roof. If you’ll be having a hard time collecting all the moisture from your property, first make sure that the incoming water is being collected and only then progress towards cleaning water that made its way into the exterior.


If No Contractor Is Available

This might seem like the worst case scenario out there, but it happens – you might call a dozen roofers in your area without any response or if you are having this problem during a holiday, no business picks up. In that case, we need you to do your best to continue collecting the water with buckets (we know it sounds primitive, but it simply gets the job done) and once the storm stops, your best bet to temporarily fix the issue is to purchase a roof patch that will clog the hole. Roof material supply companies such as GAF will definitely provide you with the things you need to put a temporary patch and stop the water from coming in.


Ensure This Won’t Happen Again

Having a roof leak emergency can be serious business. Now, it is your duty to do good research and find roofing specialists that offer 24/7 365 roofing services that are skilled in emergency roof repairs. A Plus Roofing and Gutters are roofing contractors in Cedar Rapids, IA that have the fastest response times for emergencies in the area. We have been doing this for almost 50 decades now and we can confidently say that you should trust us to take care of any emergency you might have in the future because we will pick up your call whether it is day, night, rain or snow. If you are interested in other roofing services we offer e.g. repairs, tear-offs or installation, please visit our Cedar Rapids service area page.

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