Efficiently Removing Ice From The Roof of Your Home

The removal of ice from the roof is an important issue facing many people in mountainous and snow-covered areas. Snow covers all their homes, their roofs, their lawns, and their parking areas. Sometimes the snow can even freeze or block the drainage system of your gutters. We have noticed that a lot of homeowners do not know the exact steps of dissolving ice and snow from their roofs in Iowa, therefore this article is specifically meant to be about ice removal and the basic and simple steps you can do today to take care of this issue.

Techniques and Ways Roofers Use To Melt Ice From Shingles

To combat snow and ice accumulation, many techniques are used for snow removal, with which the ice can be easily removed from the roof. The most important point to emphasize here is that preventing this kind of problem from happening in the first place is better than always dealing with it every single winter. One of the ways you can prevent big snow and ice buildup is to pour the anti-frost solution on your roof in the first place if you suspect a snowstorm coming. This will prevent snow from accumulating on the front portion of your roof as it will melt quicker and easier than usual. Even if a huge snow storm happens unexpectedly, the solution can last for days after it has been applied, preventing snow from turning into ice. Ice is the hardest form of frozen water, which consumes much more energy and effort when you are actively working on dealing with it. If you are already experiencing heavy ice buildup on your roof, what we recommend of doing is breaking the ice up as much as possible using heavy duty ice removal kits that are sold at any construction material store near you. In addition, using an inclined roof rake (available at most hardware stores) to remove snow from your roof can be a very effective way of dealing with ice blocks on your roof if they haven’t yet gotten solid and strong.


image of removing ice from a roof


Use Simple Methods To Prevent Ice Accumulation on Your Roof

Hot water is another great option that can easily be applied to the snow if you have a good water heater installed in the top portion of your house – that is one of the best tactics homeowners use to melt ice from their roofs without spending too much time. Ice or snow melts very easily when exposed to hot water. Although this is the least recommended ice removal method we suggest using, sometimes it is better to do something to remove as much of the snow as possible. It can also be used to melt ice from doors and windows. Some people also use shovels to remove snow, but let’s be honest – if you are dealing with ice, you will be forced to use hot water or some sort of other ice melting method to make progress.


how to successfully remove ice dams from your property's roof


Ice Removal Experts at A Plus Roofing and Gutters


If you’ll want to be “ice-proof” this winter in order to not have to have any issues with ice or snow removal from your roof, give us a quick call and ask for an estimate! Talking with one of our cedar rapids roofing experts before the winter season will give you a better price for our snow removal services so that when winter hits and cold storms begin to rage, you will have an excellent plan of combating snow by working with the experts here at aplusroofinggutters.com – we also offer solid warranties and great discounts for our respected senior citizens in order to help each and every homeowner take care of his roof! Moreover, do not forget to check out our business areas page in order to find information about snow removal and roofing specifically for your area of residence. We will be producing articles in the future as well so do not forget to follow us on social media to get alerted once we release new content.