Every single homeowner knows that getting their roof replaced can be one of the most exciting and stressful experiences of their life. Changing a roof is not just about improving the safety and value of your house so that your loved ones could have fun, but it’s also an activity that enhances the overall looks of your property as well. Some people say that getting their roof torn down and re-installed gave their property a new look and style they’ve never seen before. Now, regardless of how awesome it is to get your roof re-installed, keep in mind that the very second you hire a roofing contractor to do the job, you are turning your household into a workplace. When it comes to roofing and home improvement in general, workplace environments where construction work is done can pose dangers. This is what caused our team here at A Plus Roofing and Gutters write this article. We want to educate you on everything you need to know about roof replacement before you hire a roofing contractor and what to expect when the job is in progress. Let’s dive right into this!


roof replacement job in Cedar Rapids Iowa (in progress)

Things You Must Consider Before Replacing Your Roof

During the process of re-roofing your house, you might need to consider relocating to a new property. You might ask: well, why? Well, that’s because, during your roof’s replacement, your property will be a loud and noisy place to live in. Hammer noises, workers talking and nail guns being used might increase your stress levels significantly. Moreover, if you have kids or any pets, it can be very dangerous to let them wander around the construction site. To avoid all of this unnecessary stress and risk, you might want to consider moving to your relative’s or friend’s house for at least 1 week until the job is over. This will guarantee the safety and well-being of your loved ones and keep your mind distracted from the project itself – the more you focus on yourself, the faster the time will fly by.

Apart from just moving your family and relocating your pets for a while, don’t forget to relocate your cars, bikes or any other transport vehicles as well.

Taking Care of Your Belongings During Roof Replacement Work

Some roofing contractors that you will hire can be a bit too noisy. Here at A Plus Roofing and Gutters, we tailor to your and your neighbor’s needs so if you have any questions about how we do roof replacement work, check out our Cedar Rapids area roofing page and ask questions. Because of all the heavy-duty tools that will be used to replace your roof, our team highly recommends you to remove any fragile items from your tables and walls. Things like paintings, vases, statues, etc. might get broken from all the vibrations that will be caused. In addition to making sure that your precious items will not be damaged, also consider moving any garden decorations that are in close proximity to the roofers who will be re-roofing your house. This is absolutely key in order to make sure no serious damage will be done to your belongings.

Inform The People Who Live Close To You Beforehand

This step is one of the most important ones to do before any type of roofing work. Remember, that people who live near your property will not be happy about all of the noise that will be caused by the roofers you’ve decided to hire. This means, that you have to come to an agreement with your neighbors about 2 things:

  • Ask them if it’s okay for you to start re-roofing your house
  • Decide what hours of the day they will be ok with hearing loud noises

Some people tend to overlook talking to their neighbors. We don’t blame you – things can be forgotten from all of the excitement you’ll have. But keep in mind, this is crucial to do in order not to irritate your neighbors. Do you like articles like these? Feel free to check out more content on helping you get more informed about roofing by visiting our other articles on the A Plus Roofing and Gutters homepage.


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