In today’s article, we will discuss all of the major issues most homeowners face when it comes to their roof. Let’s face it – nobody wants to have a poorly maintained roof and spend insane amounts of money on repairs, restoration or even complete reinstallation. Therefore, we will talk about roofing problems that happen the most often and how to prevent them from happening again. Moreover, we are going to cover multiple roof material types and specific problems that occur for each roof type specifically so that before making a purchasing decision, you could have better insight and know what to expect.



Problems with Clay Tile Roofs

Many homeowners prefer the clay tiles as it gives a different and attractive look to the house. Although you may be pleased with the exotic look of the tiles, be aware that there are a few problems associated with this type of roofing material. Clay tiles are robust and therefore do not rust, rot or be riddled with insects. However, they weigh a lot which directly causes pressure on your property from above – that results in faster deterioration of your roofing system. In order to counteract the weight problem, The use of support beams throughout the house can help. Also, you should avoid putting any heavy load over the roof in order to ensure that the tiles will not break.


image showing the first steps that will help you identify roofing problems


Problems with Metal Roofs

Many people prefer metal roofs over shingles, however, improper installation can lead to many issues. One of the most common issues faced with metal roofs is water leakage. Sometimes homeowners may also face sealant problems. This can be corrected by a roofing contractor if you have the budget for that. However, if you are visiting this article to gain insight that will help you make a buying decision, we highly recommend you to visit our served areas page and select your area to give us a ring – we offer free consultations and estimates to better educate you which roof material you should choose.


image of cracked shingles and fascia


Problems with Asphalt Roof Shingles

Asphalt shingles are most vulnerable to problems, however, they are used in the majority of homes since they are very inexpensive and are also very easy to install. If not installed properly, they can lead to problems. Sometimes the material used is also of low quality and homeowners then have to face problems with the shingles. Some of the common problems that arise in asphalt shingles include blistering, premature cracking and gravel loss over the top layer. These damages cause water to leak into the homes, causing further problems. A good roofing contractor who has good knowledge about these kinds of problems will be able to resolve the issue.

Problems with Flat Roofs

One of the most common problems faced by the majority of people with flat roofs is the pooling of water and bowing of the roof because of snow weight. Furthermore, since water tends to pool, it causes rust accumulation in the fascia portion of your roof. Adding drains or making use of an automatic syphon placed at the centre of the roof can help if you’re facing this specific roofing problem. Installing proper drainage will help you avoid water from accumulating.

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