Apart from the initial investment that is required to install a new roof, the biggest concern most homeowners have is the lifespan of their roof. Reflecting back on our almost 50 years worth of experience, we can confidently say that the longevity of a roof is one of the biggest and most important factors property owners have to understand – especially here in Cedar Rapids where harsh climates are present. Due to high demand from our readers that interact with A Plus Roofing and Gutters on social media, we have decided to write a detailed guide on how age can affect your roof and what are the early signs that signal the need of getting your roof repaired or even completely replaced.

Leaks & Water Stains In The Ceiling – The Biggest Factor of Them All

If you want to figure out when your roof will need replacement, it is crucial to stay observant and watch out for any leaks or stains inside your home interior’s walls or ceilings. See, most water leaks happen because your roof has experienced damage over all the years of constant wear and tear that was caused by harsh rain, heat and cold weather. If you see any kind of signs of moisture going through your fascia or ceilings, it is more than likely that your roofing material has deteriorated to the point where it has developed a weak spot that lets moisture through.

It is also wise to look for any signs of damage or rotting of your shingles. However, we must caution you that in order to do this properly, you must inspect your roof by manually getting onto it. Since this is not the safest way to go and if you’re still concerned that your roof might be damaged in spots that are not visible from the ground, we highly recommend you to see our Cedar Rapids roofing service page and call us.

Roof Material Granules – The Early Sign of a Damaged Roof

Checking for loose shingles or granules that come of them is not something that every single homeowner knows about. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, the material is protected by asphalt granules that are mixed with plastic components in order to guard every single shingle against heat, cold weather, and moisture. The best way to check if your shingles are losing granules is to inspect your gutters for any residue. That being said, we do not recommend you climbing on your roof to check your gutters if this will cause you danger. To inspect the health of your roof’s shingles, we recommend hiring an experienced professional to do this for you.

The Sagging of a Roof – a Dangerous Sign Warning You About a Damaged Roof

Sagging is probably one of the most common signs of a damaged roof if the problem is ignored long enough. That being said, most people fail to recognize their roof sagging because it’s not something the average homeowner checks for every single month. However, depending on how bad the situation is, sagging shingles can be easily seen sometimes if the situation is really severe. Once again, we really recommend having an expert check out your roof so contact our roofers and we will perform an inspection to find errors that are not easily seen by people who are not trained.


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