What Are Eco-Friendly Green Roofs?

Simply put, green roofs are simply roofs without any kind of roofing material installed on them but instead, people grow various plants and vegetation in order to create a cold and heat resistant top layer made out of green plants. Green roofs are also often referred to as “plant roofs” or “vegetation roofs” and they are mostly preferred by people who live in urban environments like cities or countries who do not have a lot of vegetation. In order to increase the protection and insulation abilities of a green roof, some residents install a special membrane under all of the soil and vegetation which helps make the roof more resistant to moisture, cold and heat. Most people are not aware of all the benefits of a green roof and the majority of people shy away from them because they simply do not like how they look or they are afraid of what others will say because let’s face it – it is not ordinary to see a roof that has grass and plants growing over it.


image of a green roof being installed


The Benefits of Vegetation Roofs

Green roofs have a drastically longer lifespan

Most average roofing material that most roofs are built with are always open to the sun, harsh weather, cold and heat which damages their durability in the long-run and in return that causes significant lifespan decreases. Green roofs, on the other hand, are protected with lush vegetation, grass and soil which acts as the ultimate shield from all of the weather factors. Just think about it. If you have grass and plants growing on your roof, not only does the sun help the plans and vegetation grow (which in return makes it grow to cause it to protect your roof even more) but your roof’s durability will be increased a lot.

Drastic Decreases In Energy Use For Your Property

Vegetation is great for preserving heat and warmth in your house. Combine that with soil and growing grass on your roof and you get the perfect insulator for your property. This means that the heat will have a harder time escaping your house – that results in less energy spent to heat up your house during the cold season.


an example of how green roofs benefit people


Helps you become more eco-friendly

Residents who are willing to have green roofs installed for their properties will be doing a good job at reducing climate change because the plants they will plant will help produce oxygen which is vital for our earth and everyone that is on it. The idea of reducing carbon emissions and gas by having a vegetation roof installed sounds great, but the issue is that nobody has yet become familiar with the idea of having grass growing on their roofs. At the end of the day, our roofing service experts encourage you to have this type of roof installed on your property.


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