One of the largest investments made during a person’s lifetime is the purchase of a home. To ensure the optimal return on investing in a property, knowing how to spot issues and perform maintenance tasks for your home’s roof is crucial. A home’s value can increase or decrease based upon market trends, internal improvements, changes to the exterior and foundation stability, but the biggest factor of your property’s value is the condition of its roof material. When residing in a house for an extended period of time various key features require more attention than others. A roof, for instance, while usually requiring little attention, can cause devastating results if neglected. There are lots of ways that a shingle roof could come loose or get damaged. Age is one explanation – especially when it comes to shingles. The weather conditions will play a big role in this as well. Nonetheless, no matter what is currently causing the deterioration of your property’s roof, it is very important that you replace it to prevent further complications to your property and most importantly understand the signs and symptoms your roof is showing you that indicate the need of replacing your shingles.

Here Are All The Possible Roof Symptoms Indicating That It Needs Replacement

Shingle Curling & Warping

Another condition that becomes worse with age is curling. The edges of the roof shingles curl under as the roof ages. As with a roof that is cupping, a curling roof is very brittle and must be treated with care. Shingle Curling and warping is an obvious sign that your roof requires replacement as soon as possible in order to avoid water infiltration. Warping and curling is mostly a result of age and/or intense heat and cold weather.



photo of a roof replacement project in progress



Intense Granular Loss

The purpose of the granular material on top of a shingle is to protect it from ultraviolet rays, make it more durable in harsh weather conditions and repel moisture. These granules give the asphalt roof covering its colour. Some loss of protective granular material is normal as time goes by, however, if your roof is less than 10 years old and you are seeing falling granules specifically from the shingle portion of your house this means that the quality of the material is poor or that the shingles were not installed properly. As the roof gets older, the loss of shingle granules may increase where ultimately areas of the roofing mat are fully exposed to wind, rain, heat and cold. These exposed sections of the shingle mat will wear out at a much greater rate because of the exposure to ultraviolet rays and other weather conditions – if you see any kind of granule loss from your shingles, it is best to contact a roofing professional right away.

Severe Shingle Cupping

Roofing shingles gradually lower in the centre and get raised at the ends, almost like a U-shape. Cupping is a sign of old and well worn out shingles. Cupping is a normal wear pattern that progressively gets worse as the roof gets older, but once again remember that cupping should generally happen after your roof is 10+ years old so if you are seeing early symptoms of this, your best move would be to contact the roofer or roofing material provider that installed your shingles and address the issue. In addition, a cupped roof surface will be very fragile and should not be walked on because major damage will occur to the asphalt shingles.


image showing how warped shingles indicate the need of roof replacement


Fish mouthing (otherwise known as shingle warping)

Fish mouthing is a roof wear indicator where space in between the tabs of the shingle spread apart and becomes wider at the bottom of the shingle. Fish mouthing condition exists when the roof shingle above the key way under it raises up and looks like an open fish mouth. Fish mouthing is usually bought on by high moisture conditions inside the building and poor roof ventilation (which is the result of bad shingle installation). Having this wear & tear indicator can point to a larger issue because the larger the gap between the shingles, the more moisture will come in into the interior part of your house.

Thermal cracking (caused by heat & cold)

This not so common defect is caused by the fibreglass mat of the shingles being too thin. As a result, it becomes more vulnerable to tearing. The bonding adhesive that helps prevent uplift may be too strong as well. This will allow one continuous flow of roofing materials without the required room for some expansion and contraction and movement. These defects contribute too more roof shingle damage and wear than any other issue we have described above. When these defects are present any changes in weather conditions will significantly effect the lifespan of your roof so taking swift action would be our nr.1 recommendation.



here is how a well-maintained roof should look after replacement



A Plus Roofing and Gutters

If you are experiencing any of the issues displayed above, we highly suggest getting in touch with our representatives because A Plus Roofing and Gutters have the fastest response times in the area than any of the other cedar rapids roofing specialist companies out there. locations roofing experts in the cedar rapids Iowa area and asking for a free estimate to find out how much it will cost you to repair your roof and get it into a great condition again. We have been providing roofing in cedar rapids since 1970 and we have tremendous expertise when it comes to fixing the roofing errors we have discussed today so do not be shy and reach out to us if you are experiencing any kind of issues related to your roof.


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