Are you in search of a roofing material that is reliable, cost-effective and, at the same time, does not make your home look dull? If you want your new roof to possess all these qualities, then metal or steel is probably the ideal material option for you. Metal can be used for residential and commercial roofing because its looks and durability can practically be used for every single property type out there.


a picture showing a 30 year old metal roof on a commercial warehouse


Some of the materials that are popularly used for manufacturing metal roof sheets are:

  • Stainless steel – This material is considered to be perfectly suited for withstanding extreme weather conditions
  • Stone coated steel – The stones usually have a coloured ceramic coating, while the panels of the roof itself have a zinc or aluminium coating
  • Aluminium sheets – They are often considered to be one of the most wear-resistant metal sheets. The anodized layer on these sheets ensures that they can resist wear and tear for a long time
  • Galvanized steel galvanized steel, iron or steel sheets are coated with zinc. The eco-friendliness of these products has contributed greatly to their overall popularity


Let’s talk about some of the prime benefits of metal or steel roofing material

The main benefit of metal roofing material is that it is fire-proof since they are made of a non-combustible material, known as Galvalume. It is a 55% aluminum-zinc coating. The metallic, ceramic and polymer coatings of the metal roofing sheet ensure that they are corrosion-resistant too. During the summer months, metal roofing is instrumental in keeping the house cool, since it can effectively reflect external heat. On the other hand, during winter, heat is reflected from the underside of the metal roof, back into the house.


image of a residential house with metal roofing installed


As result, the rooms in your house remain warm. They can help you significantly cut down on the cooling and heating costs during the summer and winter months respectively. Thus, they are cost-effective and energy-efficient compared to other material that is used for roofing out there.

These roofs are lightning-resistant too, which ensures that the building structure remains safe at all times

They can withstand harsh weather conditions, like hailstorms, snowfall, and windstorms. Metal roofs do not crack, break, curl up or get blown away. Their longevity negates the requirements for frequent roof maintenance or replacements, which is generally a costly thing.

Metal is easily recyclable. In case your house is being renovated and you want to replace metal roofing with some other material, the roofing sheet can be recycled and reused (since metals like copper, steel and aluminium can be easily recycled) without any problems, allowing you to change your roof’s material. You can easily replace your existing roof with a metal roofing sheet in a number of ways. Simply lay the metal sheet over the old roof – this will give you an easier time replacing your roof without having to remove it entirely. Painted metal roofs are even more effective in reflecting solar and thermal energy. Metal roofs are available in various designs and colours, which help in beautifying your house. They are easy to maintain and are affordably priced because of how easy it is to install them.


photo of a graph showing how cost-efficient metal roofing is


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image showing exactly how to install a metal roof